Thursday, March 11, 2010

St. Patrick's Day can develop comprehension?

While sometimes St. Patrick's Day is associated with activities that reduce one's coherence and comprehension, using The History Channel's resources would make a fun and interesting activity with students. I always find myself skimping a little bit on auditory comprehension with older students, for various reasons. They can often get bored with the materials available for this type of work, not least of all. Presenting videos digitally for students is always a nice hook. You may want to preview and pick carefully to make sure you choose a video that isn't too religious for your comfort level-I suggest the Leprechauns or Irish Stew one to start.

Language Lens
  • Presenting video (even as accompanied by visuals) can be a good context for working on comprehension activities and strategies- using a graphic organizer to map the information, generating key words, visualization activities such as sketching or cartooning a main idea (and explaining why it was a main idea), summarizing, previewing/reviewing vocabulary, etc.

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