Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green home building

This being St. Patrick's Day, it is of course appropriate to talk about being "green." MyAdobo is a very engaging and cute site you can use to create a home. Different home elements (car, bathroom, garden) can be designed from a simple interface, given 3 choices in each category so the process is not too involved and time-consuming. Graphics and text give you feedback on the environmental impact of your choices. Maybe I should have saved this one for Earth Day?

Language Lens:
  • The site focuses on the schema of house design, thus building descriptive and categorical skills.
  • Cause-effect structures are clearly built into the experience, providing a great context for modeling and scaffolding of complex language.  Additionally, the structure of problem-solution is relevant here.
  • Temporal language can also be targeted- in the picture above, the man appeared and began to pump insulation into the house after I clicked to repair a hole.

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