Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Say it with feeling...

Start With Speech (strange title) is a cute activity designed ostensibly for an interactive whiteboard, but which plays well in any browser. The activity allows you to construct a dialogue between two or more characters, selecting different ways of "saying" something through verbs and adverbs. Language Lens
  • This activity targets feelings and expression in ways that would be helpful to students with social cognitive deficits--character facial expressions change as you select different verb and adverb groups.
  • Apply topic restrictions (the activity is totally open-ended) to work on topic maintenance and relevance.
  • A dialogue could be created using a book as a context (what characters would say in a certain situation) in order to touch on narrative skills.
  • Try this with students who are beginning to incorporate dialogue in their writing and need practice with punctuation and using words other than "said."


  1. Where can you find this activity?

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