Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Appy-Picking Month: Podcasts

The Apple Podcasts (free) app released recently for iPad and iPhone provides a focused way for us to find and listen to educational podcasts.  Previously, podcasts were downloaded through the iTunes app, which was a bit more confusing and hidden.  With the current app, you can subscribe (receive updates) to, stream, or download podcasts.  I have always thought of podcasts as free learning tools that let you "reclaim" your drive time; these entertaining "talk shows" about subjects related to your work can teach you quite a bit! Additionally, just search the catalog for "kids" and there are quite a few you can use as a context to build auditory comprehension and strategies.
Many cars have an AUX port that can connect to an iPhone or iPad. You can also get a cheap FM transmitter that will broadcast audio from your device to an unused FM frequency. Doesn't everyone have a copy of Rhea Paul in his car?

Tap a Podcast episode title to stream it (be careful if you have limited data), or the arrow icon to download it to your Library
Where to start? Try EdCeptional, as seen above, MacReach, and A.T.TIPSCAST. I guarantee you will learn something with each drive time!

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