Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Appy-Picking Month: Introducing ATEval2Go!

I am very excited about a recent release, an app I helped develop for Smarty Ears Apps- ATEval2Go!  Author Chris Bugaj worked with us to design this app, which helps assistive technology professionals (a diverse group that tends to include SLPs like Chris) complete all aspects of an AT eval, including background information about the student or classroom, environmental observations and student goals, and recommended tools and strategies.  The app produces a report that can be emailed or exported, or copied/pasted into a word processing program for further editing.  I am proud of many of the innovative features of this app, including the ability to add images to a report or record audio or video, and also the ability for professionals using the app to draw from customizable banks of accommodations, goals and recommendations.  I have said quite a bit on this blog this month so I will let our video trailer...

...and the full tutorial showing all features of the app...

and, finally Chris' A.T.TIPSCAST episode about the app, speak for themselves!

I hope you will share ATEval2Go with any of the AT Evaluators in your lives! Thanks...

Disclosure: Author has a contractual relationship with Smarty Ears Apps and receives a portion of the profits of this app.

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