Sunday, October 14, 2012

Appy-Picking Month: OneReceipt

If you play in this park, you probably buy a lot of apps each year! I obviously do, and also buy a lot of books, games, and materials each year as part of my practice, not to mention the travel expenses.  This past week I saw OneReceipt mentioned on Lifehacker, and was very excited to think about what it could do for organizing my receipts for purchases related to my work in speech and language.  The free OneReceipt app is powered by your (free!) web-based account (and can also be accessed at and actually pulls all your receipts from your email.  You can also "capture" any printed receipt using the iPhone or iPad camera and it will be processed and added to your account (though this takes some time according to my testing of the app). Less paper! From your account, you can tag receipts in different categories and then use all this organized information come tax time:

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