Thursday, October 18, 2012

Appy-Picking Month: Bump!

Bump (free) was originally popular when iPhones were pretty new.  The hook was this- Bump accessed your contacts (including your own contact information if it was added to the contacts app) and when you wanted to share your info, including Facebook, Twitter IDs, etc, with another person, both of you would open the Bump app and bump fists while holding your phones. Your phone would vibrate and next thing you knew, the other person's contact info is "magically" saved to your phone. Cool and sorta butch.

It got old, but Bump has bumped it up by allowing you not only to bump photos between devices (including iPad), but now something more clinically useful.  Check this out:

Thanks Fast Company for the vid.

I have written before about the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words when sharing info with families, which I do in my private practice work weekly.  So note that the process shown above also works with iPads.  Further note that once onscreen in your browser, the photo has a variety of ways to be shared, including right-clicking (PC) or ctrl-clicking (Mac) to get the link or simply clicking the Get Link icon:

This is info on a lesson we did on the strategy code "FOTO" from Social Thinking®'s  Social Fortune and Fate Comic
Being able to share a link to a photo using Bump is SOOOO much easier than emailing a photo from a iDevice to my computer, downloading the photo, then reattaching it to another email to parents, who themselves have to download the attached photo to view it. Just keep in mind that you wouldn't want to share photos of kids this way, as I have no sense that the photos that go to are confidential in any way. But for visuals like you see above, or pictures of a game, play set or creative activity, this is a great resource.

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