Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Workshop for MSHA- "Outside the Box" Apps for SLPs

Hi folks-

I am really excited to be presenting a 4-hr workshop for the Massachusetts Speech-Language Hearing Association (MSHA) that will be looking at mobile (iOS) apps "through a language lens."  It will be taking place on Saturday, October 15 at Northeastern University.

Here's the basic description and objectives:

Many great apps were developed specifically for SLP interventions, but countless treasures in the App Store were designed for other purposes! This workshop models “repurposing” of apps designed for gaming, visual exploration, organization, and creation for use in speech and language interventions.

By attending/participating in this workshop participants will be able to:
1. Analyze Apps and utilize task analyses to isolate speech and language objectives in context.
2. Apply criteria to evaluate Apps for clinical use.
3. Design therapy sessions using Apps, with Pre- or Post- activities targeting speech and language
objectives in context.
4. Access a reading list of free online resources for further learning and exploration.

You can find more information and the printable registration forms here.  Hope some of you can make it!

Edit: I received a question about the population that this workshop is geared to: I would say that the workshop will have a child "flavor" but there will certainly be a good portion of content that can be used for adults, particularly with the creation and organization apps. Also the whole framework for how to look at apps (since this workshop is focusing primarily on apps not designed for SLP but that can be adapted very easily to address S/L goals), and the resources to find apps on your own would be helpful to clinicians working with adults.


  1. Sounds awesome! Will you be presenting in New York City at anytime?! Thanks!!

    - Adina Beth Brief

  2. Not slated, but let me know if you have any leads who'd bring me there!


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