Thursday, September 29, 2011

Instead of spending $140 on Minimal Pair Cards...

...check out Phonology and Articulation Resources for Speech-Language Pathologists! I don't know where I got that monetary figure...hmmm.

I find myself in a new school having left behind and/or donated a good amount of the materials I had accrued over the years (through department funds, grants, products obtained through credit for trying out tests for Linguisystems) at my previous school.  Let's just say there are gaps (and I don't always have the apps).  I realized I have a pretty much instant need for phonology resources, specifically minimal pair visuals, and a quick search led me to this generous and extremely well-organized site.  The site (an offshoot of the SLP Start Page) was developed by Australian SLP Caroline Bowen and consists of sets of artic and phonology words and pictures created with copyright-free Microsoft clip art in PDF format.  All that is needed is to print and laminate (*shiver*, but better than spending $140 and waiting for shipping) the cards.  Hope this site can save you at some point, as it has me.


  1. Sean, you need to quick start your search for SLP stuff with Judy Kuster's "Net Connections for Communication Disorders and Sciences"
    She's had Caroline Bowen's resources on her list for years! She also publishes updates regularly in ASHA Leader.

  2. Good point! Judy's page is a great start. Her "Internet Gold" presentation is a must see at ASHA.

  3. Sean,

    There is a new URL for the resources on my website:

    Best wishes

    Caroline Bowen PhD CPSP
    ASHA Fellow, Life Member SPAA
    Speech Language Pathologist
    9 Hillcrest Road
    Wentworth Falls NSW 2782