Friday, September 30, 2011

Posts Elsewhere: Toontastic and Books!

Hi Folks,

Please check out a few posts I have elsewhere on the interwebs!

On the Mindwing Blog, I discuss how the iPad Toontastic can be used as a great way to link play, oral language and narrative development using Mindwing Tools. This post includes a podcast of an conversation I had with Andy Russell, one of the creators of Toontastic.  The folks at Launchpad Toys have a really sound understanding of cognitive and narrative development!

On another note, if you already have Toontastic, be sure to open your App Store app and update Toontastic.  They recently pushed out an update that allows you to add a free "toy set" and purchase others for $.99 each.  I was really pleased to see the offerings, which include a number of real-world locations in themes such as Town, Pets, and All-Stars!

On the Advance Speech in Schools blog, please check out my posts in the Book It! series on using picture books in therapy, including a discussion on books that help you scaffold "action sequences" and strategies on finding books related to curriculum topics.  Both posts have been added to the series list.

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