Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some Links to Share!

Hey folks,

I hope everyone has had an awesome summer!  I can't believe it is over...

I have been slowish on the posts here as I am gearing up at a NEW SCHOOL as the .8 SLP (I have Fridays off for consultations, presentations, and writing), but I am sure I will be getting up to speed in coming weeks.  I am looking forward to a few "theme weeks" exploring some ideas and tools in depth.  I have also been working on organizing my Labels (see below each post, and in the Labels section of the right sidebar) so as to make this blog function more like a database, with each Label being meaningful and bringing you to a lot of useful posts on a topic.  This includes Labeling each resource by age range.  It's a bit of work, so more to come on this when it is done!

A few links to posts elsewhere that you might have missed:

Please check out my series running this summer on the ADVANCE Speech in the Schools Blog on using picture books in speech-language therapy.  I have been highlighting a number of my favorite books and resources, and have collected the series in a weblist on diigo.

My work for the folks at Mindwing has continued this summer with a quick appearance at their presentation in Natick, MA this July in order to talk about tech complements to their tools.  Please see my post on a new approach highlighted in their recent addition to their Autism collection, Facilitating Relationships, and the use of Social Problem Solving Prompts.

If you'd like to learn more about Mindwing's great approaches to narrative language and social development, I'd encourage you to register for their FREE webinar on September 13.

Skrappy ($4.99, a great app for creating photobooks on iPad)
Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend and transition back to school smoothly!

Note: Author is a contractor for Mindwing Concepts.

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