Friday, May 13, 2011

Popplet Day!

Welcome to Popplet Day on SpeechTechie and TherapyApp411!

What is Popplet, you might ask?  No, it is not something that is served with dinner rolls or...anything else.  Popplet is a collaborative "mind-mapping" tool with both web-based and iPad app versions.

Why a day to focus on this resource? Well, I figured I could use SpeechTechie to feature the web side, and over on TherapyApp411 today, there's a post describing the iPad version.  They differ in some key ways, with the web version offering more features.

Mind-mapping apps and sites are SLP-friendly in that they provide a way for us to create graphic organizers with our students in an interactive manner, linking ideas and pictures together in ways that break down and stimulate language.  Graphic organizers support students by illuminating text structures, providing visuals for abstract or unfamiliar concepts and vocabulary, and developing a palette for combining sentences, all research-based practices.

So what can you do with Popplet?  Check out their preview video to examine the possibilities.

Isn't that cool? How does it work? It's really user-friendly. Head on over to Popplet and set up a FREE account (that gets you 5 "boards" and I am a little confused about what happens after that, but let's go with it).

Think of a topic you'd like to visualize- got one your kids are working on? I created this one with students using eNature as a research tool.

When making your first Popplet, the site shows you this helpful animated tutorial (click the ? icon onscreen to see the tutorial again at any time).

The cog menu allows you to do all kinds of other things, such as align popples in various ways, add content from YouTube, flickr, Facebook or Google Maps (that's cool!), print or shift into presentation mode.

Presentation mode is very nifty, like PowerPoint on zoomy steroids.  This mode is similar to what you can do with Prezi, but a lot simpler to use (IMHO). 

Setting up and clicking through your Popplet in Presentation Mode is a great way to review information with students or substitute for PowerPoint in your next presentation.  Finally, Popplets can be embedded in blogs or other sites so you can easily share with others (parents, perhaps?) the content or strategies you have been covering in speech-language sessions.

I hope you enjoyed Popplet day and will click on over to TherapyApp411 for its other component, a video review and demonstration of the Popplet app on iPad!

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