Friday, May 13, 2011

Clay Yourself

Clay Yourself is supposed to be a big, playful ad for, but like many avatar creators, has good potential to develop descriptive language.

Use the very customizable creation tool to make a figure and work on schema around describing a person (face, hair, accessories, etc). You can always use the "Randomize" button and see what happens.  I think I accidentally created Snooki from Jersey Shore:

Once you mark your character as Finished, you can use two other fun aspects of the site.  The Stage Name Generator lets you pick a type of vacation for your character (perhaps first brainstorm what would be associated with each vacation).  The Generator will suggest names, providing a context for discussing why, say, "Sebastian Trekman" would go on a "Fun and Adventure" Vacay.  Oops, I should have marked Snooki as female, but you get the idea.

Finally, you can use the Script Creator, a sort of Mad Libs activity where you get to write an adventure story for your character.

Sadly, I found that the "Record the Script" feature did not work on my computer. I think the web developers rely way too much on Flash, and don't keep their creations up to date, because they had an earlier winner that no longer functions.  Recording the story would not be a bad idea, though, so maybe you could find a substitute means. Overall this is a very fun, kid-friendly site and SLPs and anyone working on descriptive writing could find creative uses for it.  It also could be used to align with curriuclum around USA and other geography topics.

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