Monday, May 16, 2011

Doodle Buddy

I am really finding a lot of uses for Doodle Buddy, an always-FREE app for iPhone/iPod/iPad.  Doodle Buddy is a simple sketchpad app in which you can draw or paint in a variety of colors, then shake the device to erase the drawing area.  Doodle Buddy has a set of free "stamps" (and you can also add/use text boxes) and more can be purchased in-app if you'd like.  Pictures can be easily saved and emailed from the app. The iPad version makes good use of the full touch screen, and the iPhone version works nicely too!

Language Lens:
  • Doodle Buddy could be helpful in any activity in which you need a quick visual: schedules, comic strip conversations, illustrating vocabulary, etc, and also is just a general creative tool to build language through sketching and stamps.
  • Games in which sketches are made (such as Pictionary) are made more motivating and fun with the use of Doodle Buddy.
  • I used Doodle Buddy as a tool to incorporate The Incredible Five Point Scale in a teen group that gets a little boisterous.  After creating a 5-point scale together to describe the levels of activity within a group, I simply sketched the color-coded numbers 1-5 and saved them as separate pictures on my phone.  This way I have a quickly accessible visual anytime I want to reinforce appropriate interaction and loudness levels or let them know when they need to tone it down.

The Chaos Scale!
A Sketch from Doodle Buddy can be used to give a group feedback.


  1. Great idea using it for feedback.

    My son loves this app!

  2. Just found your blog. Love it! I am an SLP in Utah. Just started my own blog at I love getting ideas from all these amazing SLPs. I hope you don't mind if I put a link to your blog on mine. Thanks for all your ideas.