Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hearing Loss Prevention Infographic

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month here in the USA, and MayMonth in Canada!  It's a good time to visit classrooms and conduct a lesson on hearing conservation (and if you have a graduate student, a great time for them to rack up a few of those elusive Aural Rehab hours).  An infographic is an interesting way to present information, combining pictures, icons and text (and often display information according to text structures such as categorical lists, sequences and cause-effect relationships); I found this great one on Cool Infographics:

Click through to the site to see the full infographic and view it in larger scale.
This infographic would be great to display on an interactive whiteboard or with an LCD projector and discuss with the class.

This site IS iPad-friendly and using multitouch gestures (e.g. pinch to zoom in and out) works really nicely on an infographic.


  1. Noise is a common workplace hazard. Hearing loss can be a problem at any workplace, but workers in the agriculture, mining, construction, manufacturing, and transportation industries face more exposure to dangerous levels of noise. Eliminating hazardous noise through engineering methods -- such as installing a muffler or building an acoustic barrier -- is the most effective way to prevent hearing loss. However, such measures aren't always possible. Therefore, workers need to wear hearing protectors when performing jobs that expose them to high levels of noise. Thanks.
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  2. This is indeed a cool infographic. The different places and the corresponding decibels they produce make this infographic very informative. I agree with the previous comment that people working in some hazardous areas like mining, manufacturing and transportation industries are most likely to develop hearing loss and defects. It is therefore advisable fro them to go to their doctors at least once a year to have a general check up.

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