Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More on get-to-know-yous

Please click on over to the Mindwing blog to check out my post on more activities that allow group members to describe themselves, and groupmates to build "friend files." This post focuses on activities in which students provide less concrete information about themselves, leading to good opportunities to build social inferencing skills.  In each of these posts for Mindwing, I have mentioned the useful function of creating a screenshot (because a lot of these flash-based creation tools don't let you save your work).  I thought it would be helpful if I made a screencast showing how to make a screenshot, so please feel free to view that below.  If you are interested in steps for making a screenshot on a PC, you can view those here.

According to the FTC guidelines, I will disclose with each of these cross-posts (and in other references to Mindwing products) that I have a contractual relationship with Mindwing as a guest writer. In no other instances am I compensated to review or endorse products or technology resources (i.e. websites).

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