Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good language-based lesson from Kerpoof

If you have given Kerpoof a brief look but not signed up for their free Kerpoof Scholastics service, I would really recommend joining.  Scholastics gives you the opportunity to set up classes (say, a grade-level group) and control logins, passwords and how the site is being used.  In addition, you will receive some newsletters that give quite specific academic applications of Kerpoof.  This month's Poetry Partners lesson would be a great way to (here comes the Language Lens):

  • Break the ice (we all need some light lessons when beginning the year).
  • Preview poetry units that would come up during the year.
  • Introduce figurative language and work on descriptive schema.
  • Utilize the first sounds of words as a word-retrieval strategy (one of the poems suggested is an alliterative one)
  • Work on interactive skills, interview strategies, and "friend files."
Follow links here for a screencast, and here for an instructional booklet on Kerpoof.

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