Friday, August 6, 2010

Free App Today: iTouchiLearn Words

TODAY for free on iTunes Store, iTouchiLearn Words, a cute app that can be used to review basic vocabulary and written word to word/picture matching.  I also really like the app's animations, which are funny and can be used to model and elicit complex sentences and semantic associations.  For example:

This fun animation (selected when you tap the picture of a pool on the animations menu) illustrates the words pool, splash, jump, wet.  Think of what you can do with that clinically....Asking 1st graders, perhaps, "What words go with pool?" to practice associations.  "Can you make a sentence about those words?"  With even younger students, the animations would provide a great context to model and extend complex sentences" "Yes, when the mom got splashed, she looked upset." (The animations also display feelings in amusing ways).

The app is also available with extended features for iPad.

Thanks to Lorraine Akemann at Moms with Apps for featuring this app.

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  1. Hmmm...for me in Canada, it's 99cents. Still very cheap for a fun app, though!