Thursday, May 5, 2011

More on Better Hearing and Speech Month- Brain Injury Prevention

Another role that SLPs can take on during Better Hearing and Speech Month / May Month is in educating students on the importance of safety precautions when on a bike or on the road in order to prevent head injury.  Here are a few resources that can help:

BMW Education has a site that has been around quite awhile, and it has some great lessons and interactive drag-and-drop/click activities that reinforce concepts around safety.  They are also very visual and a great way to elicit discourse, sequencing and category-based language from our students.  The "Tips" section contains short presentations on topics, and the "Activities" menu has the interactives such as the one below.

Also, consider using Google Body Browser to explore neuroanatomy with students in an engaging and interactive way, describing the functions of the brain and what can happen after TBI.


  1. Can you please share some latest updates regarding the courses, you are starting? I am waiting for your response. please share..

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