Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wrapping Up (Maybe) Animonths: Draw a Stickman, Episode 2

I feel like I have possibly a few more posts on animation in me, but maybe not.  I saw The Hunger Games movie this weekend and my head is so cloudy...I loved it (HUGE fan of the books) and am consumed with thinking about it! It's affecting my executive functioning...so we'll have to see.

Anyway, I was excited to recently receive an email from the folks at hitcents.com (I must have put myself on their mailing list) announcing the 2nd Episode of Draw a Stickman.  I had written about this website previously as a fun little exercise in cause and effect and narrative development.  Growing Kids Therapy also did a very good post on the activity recently with a number of language development suggestions.

Episode 2 takes your Stickman (and that's the fun, you get to draw the character and much of the relevant props) up a tree, and I don't want to give much more away!  Again, there are great story mapping, cause-effect and conditional discussions to be had while using this site.  I would recommend playing the episodes with kids in order, especially since Episode 2 actually interacts with Episode 1!  This kind of meta-awareness makes the site a possible pairing (for older kids who can get it) with books like The Three Pigs, The Character in the Book, or We are in a Book, all fun volumes in which characters become self-aware and interact with other stories.  Another way to place this website in a bigger context with extension activities is to use Domo Animate's Stickman theme and make some of your own Stickman Narratives, or do the same with DoInk! on your iPad.

From a technical perspective, the arrival of Episode 2 represents the continuation of the practice of developing great interactives on the web using HTML5 instead of Flash.  This is wonderful for iPad users as both Episode 1 and 2 can be accessed and played out right in your Safari browser.  There is an app available, but I am not sure why you would want to take up memory and icon space to access what you can use perfectly well in Safari.  Enjoy, and draw away!

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