Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Animonths: Go! Animate's Full Featured Video Maker

In my last several posts, I discussed Domo Animate, a video maker geared to both younger and older students, and Go! Animate's Quick Video Maker , used to generate simple animated dialogues. Another tool to point out is Go! Animate's Full Featured Video Maker (flash-based, not iPad friendly). This tool does everything that Domo Animate's video maker does, but also allows you to utilize text-to-voice (so, what you type, it speaks) and recorded voice.  See below:

You make your character talk by selecting the character on the "stage," using the voice tab, and either typing in the dialogue or selecting "Mic Recording" (click on drop-down and change Text-to-Voice to Mic Recording)
This expands the usefulness of Domo Animate, as kids love to hear their own voices and you can target articulation or fluency skills with this tool.  Again, Go! Animate has limitations on what you can do for free (I was able to add a number of characters with the points I had with a free account), and be aware of how much you "explore" videos not of your own creation- they are not moderated. Nevertheless, it's a fun, nicely designed tool with great instructional potential.

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