Friday, March 2, 2012

Animonths: Go! Animate's Quick Video Maker

Go! Animate's Quick Video Maker is a web tool (flash-based, not iPad friendly) you can use to create simple dialogues between animated characters in a particular setting.  Go! Animate allows you to do quite a bit, though with limitations, with your free account.  Within the Quick Video Maker itself, certain settings and characters require a "plus" account, and you are limited to 10 lines of dialogue. Creating the video is simple:

Go! Animate's Birthday Card Creator
Just type, and your characters will say what you like! The Quick Video Maker is somewhat like a simpler version of xtranormal.

Be aware, as I have said in my post about Domo Animate, Go! Animate is not moderated.  You will not want to click the Explore tab as you may encounter videos that have inappropriate language. Also, the human characters, particularly females, in Go! Animate are a bit more...developed. So I would limit use of those character sets to middle or high school students.  That said, there are a number of cute character sets for use with lower elementary students.

Why would SLPs want to use this tool? Click here for a video about the "language lens" and Go! Animate.

Click through to see the video...


  1. Great article! I also wanted to point out that GoAnimate 4 Schools provides private, secure "walled gardens" in which the teachers can pre-moderate the content. Check out more here:

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