Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Animonths: Domo Animate!

To continue the theme of highlighting resources that use animation as a tool for targeting speech and language goals, for the next few posts I am going to focus on the Go! Animate websites, starting with Domo Animate.  These webtools (Flash-based, so not available on iPad) allow you to use a simple interface to create short, animated movies.  Domo Animate (so named because it utilizes some anime characters such as Domo, but also has other character choices) is a great place to start for its simplicity and particular appropriateness for younger students. Go! Animate refers users to this site, which provides a moderated experience geared toward younger kids. You can use Domo Animate to make an animation with characters, setting, movement, facial expressions and word/thought bubbles (no speech).  It therefore is a great tool to target narrative and social skills/ Social Thinking™, as well as make a movie about any curriculum topic.

I made this short video demonstrating how to use Domo Animate (email subscribers, please click through to the post). Enjoy!

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