Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Garden

My Garden is a great springtime activity that is part of the incredibly rich Busytown Mysteries site, based on Richard Scarry's books. I think this site would be great to explore further and implement as part of programming for K-1 or developmentally equivalent students. When you arrive in Busytown, to get to this activity, pick Countryside, then the Barn! You'll then be able to follow a sequence of instructions to plant and grow flowers, and use such interactive features as the "camera" to photograph your results. This site begs to be explored more!

Language Lens:
The My Garden activity can be used as part of a spring/gardening theme and align with classroom curriculum around seasons and plant life.  The auditory directions provided give the opportunity to work on goals regarding language comprehension and temporal concepts: "You must dig a hole before you plant a seed." The arrangement of the garden is a context for prepositions and spatial concepts, and this is a natural sequencing task.

This site IS NOT iPad-friendly as it is flash-based.

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