Monday, April 11, 2011

Speckle Games

Speckle Games is a page of interactives from Scholastic based on characters from Clifford. Younger or developmentally younger students would really enjoy these games!

Technical Note:
The site is Shockwave-based, and you may need to run an Adobe Shockwave update for the games to load.

Language Lens:
The games hit on cause-effect relationships and a variety of other concepts, categories and skills. They would be a great followup to interactive reading of any of the Clifford books.
Scrub Brush Skis- left/right/center
Hide and Seek- behind/under
Dress for the Weather-clothes, weather conditions
Bunny Maker- body parts, description
Pogo Stick Apple Pick- sequencing by number
Paint Party-matching, colors

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