Monday, March 7, 2011

Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid is a great site from PBS kids, a companion to their TV program. The website has clips and full episodes of the series, which illustrates science concepts in kid-friendly ways. The games on the site can be used to target a variety of language skills, including but not limited to auditory comprehension (audio messages are given and the student needs to select items that correspond with the 5 senses, also there is a "Sid Sez" game about muscles, pictured below). This would be an appropriate site to use in correspondence with the K-1 science curriculum topics. Check out this site- what other skills do you see you could target here when "looking through a language lens?"


  1. Sean, I dig using TV shows as learning tools. I think they are perfect for "homework." I think of them like the "Eat This, Not That" books. "Watch this, Learn that." People are watching TV, with a little nudge we can invite people to watch something focused around their child's learning needs. A few years old now, but I did an A.T.TIPSCAST episode about some my favorite children's TV shows (and I why I like them for education). Audio:

    Enjoy! Chris

  2. P.S. My wife loves the song Sid sings in the car on the way to school :)

  3. Thanks, Chris- great comparison to "eat this, not that" haha- I will definitely listen to that installment of A.T.TIPSCAST!

  4. And now, our feature presentation