Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Shamrock Optical Illusion

Some years ago I was looking for a St. Patrick's Day activity and stumbled upon this simple, great one related to the five senses. See, (pun intended) if you stare at a red object for 30 seconds or so, then look at a white background, it creates an illusion of a green floating object of the same shape, for most people. Kids really loved the activity and, the following year, I created a worksheet for it using PowerPoint that would allow it to be repeated at home. It gives kids a great opportunity to practice giving sequential directions to a peer or family member, and use causals in explaining why it happens. Give it a try yourself! The PowerPoint is embedded below; the first slide can be used to glue the red shamrock and provide a white space, and the second is the directions. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Click on the rectangle icon next to "Slide 1/2", then "Actions" to print this file.

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