Monday, March 21, 2011

HubBub Games

HubBub Games is a resource you might want to explore and bookmark for younger students or those with earlier developmental skills.  The Hub is apparently a TV network with a variety of kids' shows, and this site is a selection of interactives related to the programs and characters.  There are a whole bunch of games that would allow for multiple trials and visits in order to build concepts and skills.  To take just a few:

Jumping Adventure Game- Select a colored ramp to jump a truck, click to make it flip multiple times in the air, watch it land, drag the mouse to wash it all off (starters such as 1-2-3-Go, turn taking, "all clean")

3 Babies Game- Attend to a baby's requests (delivered via thought balloon) and take care of her needs for milk, sleep, diaper changes, and play (Wh-Questions, up/down, temporal words such as after/now).

Build a Burger- Using a Play-Doh Machine (!) deliver food to kids in a cafeteria as ordered (colors, shapes, food items, how questions, happy/sad).

Each of these interactives would be a good preview to working on pretend play with actual trucks, dolls, or Play-Doh.

What else did you find on the site that might be useful to SLPs? Let us know in the comments.