Sunday, December 5, 2010

SpeechTechie Shortlisted for Best New Blog!

The 2010 Edublogs awards are here, and I am REALLY excited and thankful to have been shortlisted in the Best New Blog category (thanks again to Chris Burgaj).  Voting is open until December 14, so please click on over and give me a vote!

Click on the Badge to vote for SpeechTechie in the Best New Blog Category!

Please also consider voting for my Speechie Slate (great to see so many of us, if unfortunately not everyone I nominated, represented)-click where it says "The Edublog Award Categories" or use the links below to get to the poll for each category.  First link is the poll, second is the nominee's site:

Best Individual Blog-Speech Language Pathology Sharing

Best Individual Tweeter-KarenJan (an AT specialist friend and colleague in my district)

Best New Blog- Me!

Best Resource Sharing Blog-Free Tech For Teachers (Mainer Richard Byrne is inspiring!)

Most Influential Tweet Series-#slpeeps

Best Teacher Blog-Speech Language Pathology Sharing

Best Educational Podcast-A.T. Tipscast

Thanks so much for your vote- really appreciate it!! While you are there, browse the site and other nominees, it's a great way to find new resources and add them to your Google Reader.

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