Friday, December 17, 2010

A Call From Santa!

Santa...tricky I know in the public school setting, and with good reason.  However, this is such a fun resource I figured I'd let you know about it, and you can use your judgment.  Send a Personalized Call from Santa is really a giant ad for Google Voice that has a number of other purposes (one of which may be sending a call to a friend or significant other just for giggle's sake).  Visit the site and use choices to script a call from Santa, which you can send by phone (USA only), email, Twitter or Facebook.

Here's the one I made for you, SpeechTechie Readers!

Language Lens:
  • One way this site could be used is for auditory comprehension- have the kids listen once through and then again to pick out the key categories that Santa talked about, draw a picture visualizing the call, or simply answer wh-questions.
  • Students could make Santa messages for each other or a teacher that reflect their use of perspective taking (e.g. what gift would that person want), but be a little careful and/or gear this to an older grade level.  Unfortunately, Santa can be a little wild and say things like "hottie" and "sister from another mister" that you may not want to get into.  Maybe again, their could be an auditory comprehension component where you read aloud the choices and students are not allowed to see the screen for some made-up reason!
Again, I am just floored by Google's creativity!

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  1. This year Santa brought me the strangest present of my entire life. I dreamed of a divorce for so long and was afraid to take the first step for so long that I no longer believed that this would ever happen. This Christmas my husband asked me for a divorce and I was speechless, he took that difficult first step in my place. Great gift from Santa!