Thursday, December 2, 2010

The FIVES Booklet

Blog posts are kind of ethereal- they are there in the feed for awhile and then buried under a series of "older entries" clicks or somewhere in the Labels cloud, or your bookmarks, or where ever.  I wanted to do something a bit more permanent with my posts on the FIVES criteria for selecting good tech resources, as that whole schema is pretty much a unifying statement for this site and my work as a whole.  So, I have compiled these posts, originally published on the ADVANCE Speech in the Schools Blog, along with some new graphics I made on my iPad (fun!) and some NEW content and resources (see especially Appendix I, which has 5 resources you might not have heard about that are good examples of the FIVES criteria).  This booklet is going to live permanently on a new page I have created up in the top menu bar, called "The FIVES Criteria for Tech and..." the "and..." teasing something else I am excited to put up there starting on Saturday!

The FIVES booklet is available to you for free on Scribd, where you can view or download it (and print if you like).  Hope it's helpful!  Here it is embedded below:

Fives Booklet

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