Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Video Modeling Texts

TextingStory is a free app for iPad or Android that is useful for modeling (co-engagement) or co-creating examples of the social pragmatics, conversational moves and hidden rules of texting. It is very easy to use, just select the "texters" and type messages, and it creates a video of the text conversation unfolding. You can send the video you produce to the Photos app and then to your computer or mirror your iPad and create the conversation based on contributions from clients. You can of course model conversations that go well and not so well. You also could consider this as a narrative building tool in that conversations sometimes create an "initiating event" and reaction, etc. This being a critical time for our students to build and maintain social connections, working with visual tools like this is very helpful.

In my group, we mapped the progress of this conversation, labeling elements of it:
-Opening/greeting (we had some divided discussion of whether this one was "cool," I asserted that I'm using it a lot with friends right now, a time when "check-ins" are important)
-Response/Comment (my student said "mention of popular thing)
-Response/plan to follow up

One approach I find important with teens as that the above tool adds engagement and allows for flexibility, showing there is not just one "script."

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