Thursday, May 14, 2020

A Fun Way to Explore Teleconference Social Behaviors (and another Discussion Web)

Let's be honest...Zoom and other Tele platforms are not just a now thing. may be hybrid or more in the fall distancing may continue for some time or have periods with flareups are discovering that working from home has benefits and some are making it the norm.

For these reasons, developing communication competencies for our sessions and beyond is an opportunity here! In my groups, we watched this amusing video (as far as I know available only on Facebook but you don't have to log in) and completed this discussion web with contributions from all.

See previous post about discussion webs as a way to scaffold complex language in teletherapy. In the process we also evaluated some of the behaviors shown and put them in a sequence from most to least expected (most distracting to others). This was a fun discussion and we were all able to acknowledge things we have done on Zoom that might have been "unexpected" and acknowledged our growth as well (self-awareness)

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