Thursday, April 2, 2020

Simple Idea: Uses for online whiteboards

Sketches to promote narrative, expository language or social understanding are well-documented tools in speech-language pathology, and don't have to be pretty:

Carol Gray's Comic Strip Conversations approach

Stickwriting Stories (Ukrainetz)

Sketch and Speak (Ukrainetz)

In a telepractice session you can use the platform's whiteboard if it has it (I can't figure out how to make the Zoom one come up and may have inadvertently shut it off), or find any number of web-based boards (this no-sign-in Explain Everything board has an educational bent).

Whiteboards can be used to:

-Illustrate narrative (related to strategies of visualization/Social Thinking® sharing imagination). This past week I had the boys follow a "group plan"/gratitude moment of describing a high of the week which included my use of the park stairs for exercise, keeping in touch with classmates, video games, time in nature, and turkey burgers.

-Work on appropriate level of detail, or show a clock to promote pace (executive function).

-Design something collaboratively. Make a collaborative drawing.

-Play Pictionary for general words/main idea or vocabulary sets.

-Play a "Backseat Drawing" style game where one describes/one draws "make a small circle at the end of that line."


  1. Great suggestions! We also played a simple game of hangman. Thanks for all your help!