Thursday, April 9, 2020

Look for Language Underpinnings for Any Web Activity- ABCya

Sites like ABCya are filled with possibilities when we stop and consider what makes them potentially "Speechie" (see FIVES criteria). Ask yourself:
-Is there an inherent language process in this activity (e.g. categories, cause effect).
-What kind of conversations can I have with students that are NOT prompted by the screen (e.g. a description, commenting)

Take, for example, Bandemonium:

We've got categories, naming, the potential to make sounds corresponding to each instrument, later possibly finding songs where particular instruments are prominent and discussing them, looking at the language of lyrics, considering the narrative of songs,  I could go on...

This site would be useful regardless of whether your could give remote (cursor) control by having students verbalize choices as you screen share.

Here are some other examples from this site:
The Calendar Game: categories of activities, temporal concepts, following directions, executive function
ABCYa Paint: Create a story, follow directions, draw vocabulary words
Input/Output Devices: Describe by function and have awareness of how equipment is being used in the telepractice process
Latitude/Longitude Treasure Hunt: Sync with curriculum concepts and spatial reasoning.
Make a Treehouse and any other "Make a" game on skills pages: Describing, integrating parts into a whole, pair with a book like in this case If You Give a Pig A Pancake which involves a treehouse, also see Create a Car paired with If I Built A Car (lots of opportunities for complex IF sentences)

This is just a sampling from the "Skills" page. I hope you'll continue looking at this and other sites through this kind of language lens for telepractice opportunities- I didn't even mention the specifically targeted word games available by grade.

Note: there are ads on this site unless you go premium but I encountered only one pre-activity ad while writing this post and it seemed one I would use for discussion (a cool toy).

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