Tuesday, April 21, 2020

ASHA Webinar Free through ASHA Learning Pass

About 3 years ago, Nathan Curtis and I did a webinar for ASHA, Apps and Web-Based Materials for Telepractice. It is now offered through ASHA's Learning Pass, which they have made free through July. This post serves to notify readers of this opportunity offering .15 CEUs, but I am also receiving a lot of questions about it, actually a lot of the same two reasonable questions, so I wanted to provide a quick link to those answers. Also some of this would be useful even if you haven't seen the webinar

The webinar being 3 years old, some info and resources are out of date or no longer available.

In the webinar, Nathan provides great information on how to use simple tools such as PowerPoint (see also Keynote and Google Slides). He refers to available quick videos (one created by the equally brilliant Amy Reid) now up at:

How to make authentic materials in PowerPoint (with several examples)

Using animation and making templates in PowerPoint

Nathan also discussed work that WCGH had done in task-analyzing websites such as PBS Kids, I also used this as a model for a recent post on ABCYa. A visual was provided as a model of how their staff did this in a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is no longer available, and PBS Kids has changed significantly since then, so that many activities are no longer there. My suggestion if you are interested, you can view the list (please do not request access, File>Make a copy or File>Download to save your own copy), the links are not clickable but you can Google to see if the activity is still available, like this:

In any case, the list provides a good model of task analyzing to build a library of possible activities.

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