Monday, April 12, 2010

Nifty online ABC book

ABC books, I have always found, can be innovative and fun ways to address a variety of skills besides learning the ABCs. Bembo's Zoo is an online, interactive, and dazzlingly animated version of Roberto deVicq de Cumptich's book. The flash-enabled version of the site brings you to an ABC menu (and fun trailing alphabet cursor), and then to corresponding animals that are built from the letters of their name, like Mr. Elephant here:
Language Lens
  • Students can be asked to predict what animal has been assigned to each letter, as a nice word retrieval task.
  • The actual appearance of each animal is a bit transient--on the screen only briefly--but this could be fun! Ask students to identify which letters form which animal body parts. For an extension activity, students could form their own letter-built animals.

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