Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iPosts- comin' up!

Today I am writing from my back porch and enjoying some beautiful weather while on school vacation in Boston!

Moving forward after vacation, I would definitely like to feature some apps for iPod/iPad, perhaps one each week, so be watching for that. I have a few readers who have developed some great apps, and I really believe in these platforms as great resources for SLPs and teachers of all kinds. Most are founded on interactivity and ease of use, and these benefit all of us. Also, and although this may be a controversial viewpoint, I have always found the cost associated with software and devices in the AAC realm to be staggering, given how limited these technologies are. I have no doubt that they have enhanced the lives of countless people, but, with competing resources in the market, I think they are going to have to get with the program. I should say for full disclosure that I am generally more experienced with mild-moderately impacted populations, so am hardly claiming to know everything about these technologies and techniques.

But, let's take, just for example, Boardmaker Plus! v.6 ($399) maybe coupled with a Go Talk 20 ($249)--a pricey, very limited communication system, not even accounting for the cost in your time producing, laminating, and recording these boards.

I am interested to see where all this is going. Here is an article about Grace App, an iPod Touch application that acts as a kind of Picture Exchange Communication System for nonverbal students. I realize (and the article acknowledges) that it is not the same as PECS--I imagine the aspects of intentionality and obtaining others' attention might be harder to establish. Grace app is available for less than $40 from the iTunes Store. Thanks to my friend Brian Ciemian for sharing this article with me.

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