Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Interesting Use for Legos

SpeechTechie is going on April school vacation, along with me, and on a trip to New York City. I may give a shout-out during the coming week, but will mostly be vacating!

Speaking of NYC, check out Christoph Niemann's totally cool creations on his Abstract City Blog. His photos, later published as a book, are a fun look at life in New York, said life created entirely with Legos.

I think our students would love to have a look!

Language Lens

  • I Lego New York would be a really fun way to talk about schema and associations- what makes New York...New York? 4th graders or any students studying U.S. Geography would especially benefit from this.
  • Obscuring the captions would make a great descriptive guessing game.
  • Do you have any Legos yourself? Think of a topic, like a shared book, science or social studies theme, and have kids create their own Lego abstractions on the theme that get at the essence of the word or concept. Pair kids to accomplish the task and it becomes a pragmatic language activity.

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