Friday, April 14, 2023

A Quick Activity with Chat GPT

I have been doing clinical supervision at BU for a few semesters now. It's such a rewarding experience to work with the graduate students in their first clinical in-house experiences. I have a student who is working on a lot of semantics and language-based literacy activities with her client, including teaching story grammar as an organizational structure. We have been talking about building activities in context with pre-book and post-book activities, and her client is interested in planes and aviation. I suggested to her this book and this activity: what 10 words do you think ChatGPT will come up with that go with ___ (in this case, airport). The process of asking them to predict what the AI may say is an associative activity, and then the results will likely bring about new concepts and vocabulary.

See one of my favorite articles, The Magic of "Once Upon a Time": Narrative Teaching Strategies for more on pre-, during-, post-book (or other context-based) activities. 


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  2. IWhat an amazing opportunity to be a clinical supervisor and work with graduate students in their first clinical in-house experiences! It's great to see that you're not only providing guidance and support to your students, but also coming up with creative and engaging activities for them to do with their clients.

    I think the activity you suggested, where the client predicts what ChatGPT will come up with for 10 words related to airports, is an excellent idea. It's not only an associative activity but also a fun way to expand vocabulary and introduce new concepts. It's fantastic that you're encouraging your students to think outside the box and tailor their activities to their clients' interests. Keep up the great work!

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