Thursday, March 9, 2023

DALL-E, an AI image creation tool

Having been certified in Visualizing and Verbalizing® years ago, I've always found it an essential tool in my toolkit. Scaffolding students toward creating a mental image gestalt, guided by a schema of structure words that aid in descriptive details, is a process that has been useful across reading comprehension to conversation and even executive function (i.e picturing oneself performing a task).

These skills will continue to be important, but imagine if you have a tool that can combine a few elements and create an image you can see. That's a powerful bridge to this process! Also, I recently learned of aphantasia, which affects the ability to form mental imagery. Supporting other means of learning through visuals affirms this element of neurodiversity.

Check out DALL-E, another tool from Open AI, which allows you to enter a descriptive term to generate a range of corresponding images. DALL-E provides many examples which favor modes of art, for example, line drawings, digital art or watercolor, but you can also use fairly specific descriptors and vocabulary. A client for whom I identify vocabulary targets from his Pokemon interests, for example, is perfect for this kind of search using the words dual and region:

I'm sure SLPs can think of many more creative ways to use DALL-E, such as a series of images demonstrating basic concept words. If you have one, please let us know in the comments.


  1. AI image creation tools can generate images in a matter of seconds, which saves a lot of time compared to creating images manually. Hiring a professional designer to create high-quality images can be expensive, while an AI image creation tool can produce similar results at a much lower cost.

  2. Thanks for posting this DALL-E insight. It's wonderful how technology can support visual learning and accommodate aphantasia. Your use of descriptors to generate visuals is excellent, and I'm sure SLPs can discover more inventive ways to use DALL-E in therapy. I also made a beautiful Spider man tuxedo on DALL-E!

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