Saturday, November 5, 2022

New Course Available!

Hi everyone! In July I was honored to present at the SLP Summit. I’ve expanded on that content and have a new 1.5 hr on-demand course available for you to earn more CEUs! We know one hour isn’t always enough so this is a chance to dive deeper into some fun, new content. 

Check it out now at

See what others said about my last course:

 “Amazing & inspiring!! I came away with tons of ideas to use in therapy that my kids will love! Thank you!!”

 “EXCELLENT COURSE! Jam packed! Thank you!!”

 “Excellent presenter! Terrific demonstration of the different tech tools available for narration, not just providing links, but describing their use and demo'ing how to use them.”

 “Loved all the practical ideas given. Even though I have used some of these tools, I still learned so many new things and features.”

And that’s not all! Need more CEUs? The course below is also now available for free!


  1. Thanks for giving this opportunity to learn about these complicated topics!

  2. The on-demand course available for CEUs provides an opportunity to delve deeper into new content and offers online course help for those who need it.

  3. Providing coursework help to the students may help them with multiple learning opportunities, and to ensure that they get their work done on time which is free would help them with their developmental skills.

  4. These courses are available if student's want to checkout.