Thursday, May 19, 2022

Minecraft Education Edition

I have previously written about using contexts like Minecraft without getting into the thing itself. I've come around on this a bit and next time I'll talk about some simple uses of Minecraft (creative mode, I am still not interested in having kids kill each other in a game), but recently I discovered I CAN USE MINECRAFT EDU!

I had heard about Minecraft EDU for years but, not having an .edu email address, couldn't access it. I have been supervising at Boston University this semester and discovered my email address (plus having a Microsoft account at BU, so you need this too) was the key, as it probably is for many school-based clinicians reading this blog. MC EDU has many created "worlds" that are structured and relate to school topics, so are a nice place to start. 

So, if you have a .edu email, head first to MC EDU and sign in to create an account. From there, I find Minecraft most navigable on an iPad- simplified controls and such. For the EDU activities you'll need the free iPad app. Explore the worlds and see what you might like to use. They are not all amazing, but I highly recommend the very well-done world called The Mindful Knight. Through this activity I grabbed the attention of a student who I have struggled to help with practicing self-regulation strategies, and through several of the "quests" learned about the value of deep breaths and presence (e.g. Five Senses noting of things in the environment).

The deep breathing exercise is practiced by navigating the Knight to an elevator, with great visuals.

I apologize that this is still somewhat of a complicated resource to reach, with the necessity of the .edu address and MS account, but there's a work-around. Look on YouTube for "Mindful Knight Minecraft" and you'll find gameplay vids like this one that can make for good lessons, too!


  1. The Minecraft: Education Edition website offers lesson plans and downloadable worlds to help teachers integrate the game into the classroom. There's also a Minecraft Professional Learning Community. Here you can connect with other educators, submit and share lesson plans, save your favorite resources, participate in discussions, and earn badges. When planning a lesson, be sure to take advantage of the teacher controls: You have the ability to select the type of biome and make changes within that biome, such as time and weather. Once in the game world, you can also teleport students who have roamed from the project or have gotten lost. Use the game's best feature -- the ability to communicate directly with students -- to send messages to the whole class or to individuals as needed. Read more

  2. I love Minecraft bedrock


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