Friday, May 6, 2022


LearnHip has some useful and simple activities designed for English language learners but also useful for speech and language therapy. It may be particularly useful as a warm-up or to make use of a short amount of extra time in a session. Some of the activities it includes: makers such as a scrambled sentence, reveal the picture and board game creator, conversation cards on a wide variety of themes (e.g. annoyances), and story cards and silly/engaging contexts such as describe the picture and what happens next (in the form of GIFs) "quizzes." Go Hip would be good to have in your bookmarks for classroom, group or teletherapy sessions for a variety of verbal expression objectives.

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  1. I downloaded and installed this application and I want to thank you for sharing this find. I used to go through several other applications because I am an English teacher and I am interested in studying various educational programs in order to integrate this into my work. The last of these was when a colleague of mine suggested that I read reviews on abcmouse about how people describe educational programs and resources. I liked the opinion of their community and I decided to join.