Friday, February 14, 2020

Try an Android Emulator

Mobile apps offer something in interactivity that webtools (i.e. those you access on a laptop, Chromebook, or desktop) may not always get you. There are several apps for iPad (also for Android) I love that are not approached by anything on the web: namely, the Toca Life app and Pic Collage (also available for Windows). You do have an option-- Android emulators are available that make an Android "device" run on the screen of your laptop or desktop. These are downloadable programs, so, no for Chromebooks.

One I have found runs successfully is BlueStacks. Download the program, access the Google Play Store on the screen (you'll need to sign in with a Google Account), and try a free app before making any purchases in order to make sure it works on your machine.

Here's Toca Life: Farm ($3.99) running on my Mac. You have to click instead of tap, and it seems not to have the screen recording feature.

An Android emulator may be useful in therapy activities if you:
-Want to use laptop or desktop in a classroom and not deal with connecting an iPad to the board or projector
-Don't have an iPad
-Do telepractice (sharing desktop control would mean the student could take over clicking on an app such as Toca Life: Farm)

Let me know if you have other uses for an Android emulator such as BlueStacks!

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