Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Professional Development

Summer approaches! Here's what I will be up to:

I am happy to be presenting at the Social Thinking® Providers' Conference in San Francisco this month (June 20-22). The topic is Zooming in on App Integration: 3 Apps and Divergent Uses for Social Thinking Instruction.

The Ely Center is hosting two sections of Mindwing Concepts' terrific Story Grammar Marker certification course, followed by a 3rd day focused on technology integration with Mindwing's narrative and expository text comprehension and production tools (I facilitate the 3rd day). The two sections will be held July 21-23 and August 18-20. See Mindwing's website for more information and registration.


Webinar for Administrators (please let your administrators, even beyond MA, know about this one)- Integrating the iPad for School Administrators, various dates.

Tell Me A Story: iPad Apps for Digital Storytelling and Explanimation (July 24, Waltham).

The iPad as a Social and Organizational Tool: Apps to Promote Social Cognition and Executive Functioning (August 21, Bedford)

Have a great summer!

Disclosure: Author is employed by The Ely Center, LLC and is a contractor with Mindwing Concepts, Inc. for provision of blog content and professional development.

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