Monday, April 22, 2013

Take a "Peek!"

A good chunk of our work as SLPs is based on questioning students in some manner. What does that word mean? What are the parts of a ____? What goes with a ____? What are some examples of ____?

Not to mention all the how or why questions.

It's definitely a plus when we can up the engagement and fun on these types of interactions with students.

In my last post, I started looking at Evernote through that eponymous app, and there are a number of ancillary Evernote apps that work with the overall ecosystem. Today, let's look at Evernote Peek, an app that allows you to make fun little quizzes with an ingenious use of the iPad.

Peek gained notoriety as the first (and I think since then, only) app that interacted with the iPad Smart Cover.

Better shown than described. In short, Peek lets you set up word or question lists, along with definitions or answers, and then interact with them using a Smart Cover. Now, don't stop reading if you don't have a Smart Cover, because the app features a "virtual" one!

Here's how you do it:

First, of course, download Evernote Peek and Evernote, and create an account in Evernote.  In Evernote, create a notebook for your "Peek set."

Each item in your set needs to have a note within that notebook. Create notes in which the trigger word (a vocabulary word or question) is in the title of the note. This is what will appear under the first flap as shown above. Write the definition or answer in the body of the note. This will appear as you continue to lift up the cover.

Once you have created your notes, open Evernote Peek. Tap the Plus to add your notebook, then My Notebooks, and select the notebook in Evernote that you created.

Select the notebook from the Peek menu and start your quiz! Here you can see what the virtual Smart Cover looks like...

A couple of notes.
-Some of the other content you can add to Peek is worth exploring. In particular, the Test Prep notebooks in the Education section provide good models of mnemonics for vocabulary words.
-My Smart Cover no longer interacts with Peek. I have no idea why. You can turn on the virtual Smart Covers in Peek Settings.
-Peek is a great app to use in consultation- teach students how to make Peek sets. Mine thought it was super cool!

How do you see yourself using Peek?

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