Thursday, November 29, 2012

QR Code Update: Make Audio-Based QRs with

In my previous series on using QR codes in speech and language intervention, we covered how clinicians can use this engaging visual strategy to easily "hide" text and images behind a code scannable by mobile devices.  The result is kind of a high-tech (but simple) hide and seek where stimuli related to articulation, vocabulary, sentence structure, narrative skills, you name it, can be accessed by your students.

I have seen some QR codes that, when scanned, play audio, and it occurred to me that this adds a really exciting dimension (and modality) to the potential uses of QR.  Think of it- you could create QR codes that will play verbal directions, informational material, even the students' own oral language (descriptions, storytelling, functional narration of a school tour or rationale for their art/writing project, etc).

So, though I am sure there must be other ways of doing this, one simple way I found is to use Record mp3.  This simple site uses a Flash-based tool (so, you will need to use your computer and NOT an iPad to access it) to let you make a simple recording. You will want to make sure your Flash is updated or you may have trouble or distorted audio.

It even tells you how right on the site:

Once you have recorded and saved the audio sample, the site gives you a link. From what you know about QR already (I hope a little bit, or you'll want to go to my series, read about it and watch the video tutorials), what do you do next? Go to a QR code generator such as Kaywa, copy and paste the link from Record mp3, and you have a QR code that plays audio when scanned.  Try using the app Scan to access mine below:

Now, go have fun with audio QRs!


  1. no longer works as of Feb 2015. Do you have any other suggestions on using an audio file for a QR code?

    1. Hi Jennifer- lets you record an audio message on an iOS device- it gives you a link that then can be made into a QR code

    2.!/id525958948?mt=8 (it's available for Android too)