Sunday, April 8, 2012

SLP Apps List Update

Hey folks,

The SLP Apps List on this blog has always been just one of MANY app lists around for SLPs. I always think of it as a good place to tell people to start if they have just bought an iPad.  I was really happy recently to have it mentioned by Judith Kuster in her article for the ASHA Leader on resources to find great apps. Thanks, Judith!

The philosophy behind the list was to keep it open and collaborative for all to edit, but unfortunately it has been messed with one too many times.  I just today took a look at it and someone had deleted humongous sections of it. I don't know why someone would do something like that, really. Hopefully it was an accident.

For this reason, I needed to restore the list to its status on April 1 and remove the open-editing settings. I would still like any SLPs that would like to add apps to the list to be able to do so, you will just need to request access and sign in. From the document, click Share to request access with your Google account (Gmail, Google Apps email) and after I approve it, you can type the description of the app or apps you would like to share right in. I guess unfortunately I have to have people be accountable for their edits.  Too bad!!

Thanks and be sure to request access if you would like it.

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