Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Painting with Time- Climate Change

I previously wrote about the Painting with Time app as a great way to target temporal concepts, causal relationships and sentence structures, and descriptive language. The folks at Red Hill Studios have recently released another FREE app (iPad only), providing a context for language intervention as we approach Earth Day.  Painting with Time- Climate Change "lets your fingers reveal the dramatic ways our world is changing from rising temperatures." Through the innovative (yet surprisingly simple) interface, you can explore 17 different picture sequences that reveal effects of glacier movement (and disappearance) and extreme weather.  Thanks to Jeremy Legaspi for pointing out this important app sequel to me.

The Mississippi River in 2010 (top) and 2011, with effects of flooding
Painting with Time- Climate Change would be appropriate to use with upper elementary, middle- and high school students who can understand the concepts involved.  It has a number of applications for language therapy:

Language Lens:
-Picture scenes can be used to target gaps in students' geographic understanding and the categories of continents, oceans, and geographic features.
-Each sequence is accompanied by an informational paragraph that describes the scene and its sequential and cause-effect relationships involved; these would be good to map with a graphic organizer.
-The varying ranges of time involved in each sequence are contexts to develop time-lining skills and general temporal understanding, with perhaps relation to other world events.

You can find some other tech-based activities to target language skills in relation to the values of Earth Day here and here.

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